Networked growl notifications

I finally experimented with a neat feature in one of my favourite apps for mac os x, growl. There is a very promising looking "Networking" tab in the preference pane for growl. I've often thought that this could be a cool feature, but it was non-obvious how to make it work. Essentially, I have found that it's easiest to play my music off of my mac mini - it has my 100gb collection mounted locally and is directly connected to my speakers - but I'd still like the song-change notification from growl when working on my powerbook (silly, perhaps, but I like it). So, with a little help on IRC from The_Tick, here's how:

  • On my powerbook (the growl "client"), I checked "Listen for incoming notifications"
  • On my mini (the growl "server"), I checked "Forward notifications to other computers"

That's it. It is that easy. The part that had me stuck was I was expecting the "Add computer" button to do something on my mini. Not true. It's all automatically discovered via bonjour. I was warned that it can be buggy and you can create infinite loops if you try to do two-way notification, but otherwise it's pretty cool if you ask me.