new powerbook

call me a junkie, but my life without a powerbook was short-lived. though i meant well. I spent almost a full month using an old dell inspiron 2650 (dual booting windows and ubuntu). that was, until the drive failed - leaving me with two crippled laptops. while i could well try the drive from my powerbook in the dell, and rebuild it (again) ... i realized that I really just missed my powerbook.

so, one week ago today, i did something about it. i got myself a new toy. let me just say, I'm in complete love. I decided to go 15" this time for two reasons: first, I actually spend more time on my laptop than I ever thought I would when I originally bought my old 12" - the extra screen real estate makes a huge difference during long hours (nobody should be forced to work in 1024x768). second, I really really like the backlit keyboard for those late night hacking sessions when sandi is sleeping (which happen way way waaaaay too frequently).

oh and you better believe i ordered applecare . i've always been suspicious of extended warranties - and usually avoid them. but given the amount i rely on my powerbook... i seriously regret not getting it for my 12" powerbook. of course that means that this 15" will last for 5 years without a glitch (*knock on wood*).

thoughts after one week? i don't know why anyone would use a different laptop... these things really are (in my opinion, of course) the best on the market. who's with me?

UPDATE: if you are considering a 15" powerbook, and or want to read some of my reasoning presented by someone else (much more eloquently) check out this post by John Gruber @ daring fireball.