nokia 6620

last week, my old sony T616 kicked the bucket, which was all the excuse I needed to go for an upgrade. while I was hoping to get something really super fancy (like an n91 or similar), it just wasn't in the budget. after some half-hearted poking around downtown, I ended up going for the lone series 60 phone currently offered by rogers: nokia 6620.

even though it doesn't have a megapixel camera and I haven't quite figured out how to make coffee with it, i have to say I really like this phone. I understand now why all the bryght guys have nokia phones. series 60 is where it's at.

so far, i've got salling clicker working - and it actually has a much nicer (more complete) UI - mostly due to the 6620's better and bigger screen.

I've also been playing with shozu which makes me officially one of the cool kids. For those that don't know shozu, they're basically a super-duper flickr (and others) uploading tool for camera phones. sadly, my phone's camera is a bit weak but it's still fun... check out my shozu pics.

Next up (and secretly one of the reasons I was so into getting a series 60 phone): python hacking on my phone! (stay tuned)