nokia n70

i've set a new personal record for most short lived gadget. my last cellphone (the nokia 6620) has been replaced.

when i first saw that my favourite member of nokia's blogger outreach program got his hands on the n91 i was maybe slightly jealous. however, said jealousy has subsided as i have inherited his former envy-inducing phone: the n70. so i've managed to get all my data synced onto the new phone... but alas haven't had much of a chance to play yet. so, i'll have to report back later on how much like (or i suppose dislike) this fancy little gadget. but, basically it has all the benefits of my last phone plus some sweet bits: like a "real" camera (with lens cover!), a sleeker form factor, and a bunch of pre-installed apps courtesy of roland.

oh, and fear not - my old phone has found a happy home with one of my favourite python hackers ;)