not so bryght anymore

File this one under things-i-should-have-blogged-weeks-ago, but it's been brought to my attention that perhaps I should say something "official":

I have left Bryght.

Yes, it's true... after three years with the company I co-founded - the first drupal company - I am moving on.

There is little gossip involved, I'm sorry to report. Bryght has a great team full of some of the smartest people in the drupal community... good friends and people I love and respect. They're also up to some very cool stuff. Sometimes, though, we all just need a change of scenery.

So to answer the common questions: yes, I'll still be (hopefully even more) actively involved in the Drupal community; yes, you did read/see/hear me involved in that; yes, I agree that's an interesting sounding project; no, I probably don't have time to help you with it right now.

Here's to what lies ahead.