One wedding and a camera

My little brother, Chad, and the awesome Elisa got married this past weekend. It was an amazing weekend by the sea in Rockport - the weather was great, the food was incredible and I had a wonderful time.

Since my whole clan was in the wedding (Camryn was flower girl, Andrew a groomsman, and I was best man), I decided to rent a “real camera”(tm) for the weekend to capture the experience. It was my first time really experimenting with a nice camera. I’m glad I did! I had a lot of fun. Check out the results on flickr:

chad and elisa's wedding

Feedback welcome - especially from you real photographers out there. Now to start filling my piggy bank for a real camera…

James Walker

James Walker (a.k.a. walkah) is an independent developer and hacker. He is a long time Drupal developer, but these days spends more time in Python, Ruby and Javascript.

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