Ontario Linux Fest, DUG-TO and Lullabot in Toronto

This is gonna be a fun week! Starting on Wednesday afternoon, most of team lullabot will be coming to town for some work and hopefully a bit of fun.

If you missed the announcement, we're going to start things off on Thursday with the Toronto Drupal User Group meetup - for regulars, please remember we're at 215 Spadina (4th floor) this month and on Thursday (not Tuesday).

Friday night through Saturday night we'll be taking part in the Ontario Linux Fest. We've sponsored a welcome party on Friday night (and, yes, the location is so secret I don't even know where!). Angie is speaking Saturday morning and we'll be hanging out, probably in the Drupal BoF room (check the schedule). There's still space, so register now!

Come on out and say "hi"!