OpenID at DemoCampToronto13

Tomorrow night I've volunteered to subject myself to the scorn and ridicule of the local TorCamp community by sticking out my neck and doing a demo at DemoCampToronto13. Actually, it was this post by David Crow that inspired me, specifically:

And if I have to sit through a demonstration of a tag cloud or web login form, so help me.

So, naturally, I'll be doing a presentation exclusively about login forms... and I'll probably throw in a tag cloud for laughs. As for the 6 questions, here's what to expect:

  1. Have you attended a previous DemoCamp? Yes. I've blogged about my attendance in at least 7, 11 and 12... I'm pretty sure I was at others as well...
  2. Who are you? Previous experience, what makes you qualified for us to listen to, etc. I'm James. My qualifications: I'm currently the guy working on bringing OpenID support to Drupal core. I've also been involved with "Identity2.0" implementations dating back to SXIP's 1.0 protocol back in 2004 or so. Most recently, I presented OpenID to the attendees of the OSCMS summit in Sunnyvale.
  3. What does your product do? Er, well my "product" is the better way to login (tm).
  4. What hard problem, interesting insight, or cool feature will you be demonstrating? Well, we're gonna look at eliminating the registration form from the internet and solving Identity2.0.
  5. What are you hoping to get out of presenting? Well, aside from the guaranteed love, respect and admiration of my peers - I'd like to raise OpenID awareness amongst local developers and inspire them to OpenID-enable their applications. I'd also like to gauge interest in doing something like an OpenID Mashpit locally.
  6. What does the community gain by hearing you present? Hopefully a better idea (or initial awareness) of what OpenID is all about - what problems it solves (and what it doesn't) - and the inspiration to start using it for themselves and in their applications. That's right, all in 5 minutes.

There you have it. If you haven't yet, sign up and I'll see you there.