OpenID Mashpit Vancouver Recap

OpenID Drupal Demo - photo by Richard ErikssonLast night's OpenID Mashpit went well. Despite demoing some code still under very active development, and having our internet connection drop in the middle of it - it was nice to show off some of the stuff I've been working on lately in a crowd that "gets it". More interesting, however, was getting a chance to talk about and get some clarification on certain aspects. In particular, I feel like I have a much better idea of the vision behind Attribute Exchange and how it should ideally work. If nothing else, getting to just chat about "Identity 2.0" with Dick was a treat.

Other bits of interest: we stood up a work-in-progress OpenID Provider (OP) for Bryght at (using all native drupal code). It's *very* much still a work in progress, but also one of the earliest OP's "in the wild" to support the 2.0 draft spec (or most of it anyway). Similarly, SXIP has a demo Relying Party (RP) that supports attribute exchange - that will come in handy for testing against.

Thanks again to the folks at SXIP for hosting a great event, and thanks to everyone who showed up!