OSCMS 2007: over so soon?

I'm currently sitting at SFO - feeling what I've come to recognize as my "typical" post Drupal (related) conference feeling of utter exhaustion and renewed excitement and energy in the project. I can't even believe how much happened and that we did 2 days of conference, an all-day seminar and an all-day hackfest already. What a whirlwind.

For those unable to attend, we missed you! You can check out the flickr photos as well as drupal.org's events section for slides, notes and recaps (where I'll be posting my things likely tomorrow when I'm home again). Hopefully we'll see you at a future event!

To those of you there - thanks a whole lot for making it such a great event and a rockin' community. It was great seeing everyone I hadn't seen in a while and nice putting some new faces to names. See you all soon!