pretzels beer and "mouth pockets"

just a quick update from stuttgart to say things are going quite well here. so far we've met some really great people in Ivan and Chris , and the work-related aspects have been going exceptionally well (see Boris' post for some more details).

although we've been keeping fairly crazy hours, and eating sporadically we have had some very good meals. german food (at least what I've been exposed to) seems to consist of beer, meat, cheese and pretzels. i've also been exposed to maultaschen (which literally translates to "mouth pockets").

in a really nice departure from my last two trips (to belgium and montreal), i actually got a chance to do a bit of sight-seeing today. thanks in very large part to Boris' relatives Manfred and Gertrud here in Stuttgart, I got to get out and see some things and take some pictures.

keep an eye on my stuttgart tag (at flickr) for all the pictures.

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