ROKR this

the long awaited itunes phone was just unveiled - finally. boris wonders if we'll be able to use them in Canada (just swap SIM cards? or will they be locked?). I'd hope they're not locked ... but you never know.

I've got to say, I actually don't care either way. I hate to say it - I'm not sure I'm that desperate for one. As many of you likely know, I'm not a huge phone guy - and while I do love gadgets, I'm not sure an iPod phone is really going to get my money. I'm much more interested these days in having things like wifi & bluetooth, etc. It doesn't help either that my previous motorola phone was awful.

of course, I can say this because a) I already have an iPod and b) nobody knows yet how easy it might be to use one in Canada. If I read that they're available on eBay and completely unlocked - I'll reconsider. Until then, I'll likely hold out for the nokia n91.