shopping by committee

so, i hate my cell phone. ok, “hate” is a strong word. but, i would like to at least be able to talk on my cell phone from my new basement office. i also completely dislike flip phones as it turns out. so, i want a new phone. but, i want a good one. sure, the p800/900’s are nice and all, but not really my price range. so, i’ve casually been looking at alternatives. that’s when i stumbled across the sony ericsson t616. i like that it has bluetooth (have i mentioned i really want a bluetooth gadget to play with my powerbook?), is iSync compatible, is not a flip phone, and even has a camera (so i could moblog ‘n’ stuff). The best part, though, is that it’s a fraction of the cost of a p800. but, what i’d really like to know is… anyone out there used or know of anyone who uses this phone? got a similar one you would recommend instead? care to donate a cool gadget? ;)

please leave word :)