Skype with Quicksilver trick

I spend a fair bit of time talking on Skype (whether I like it or not). I am also a big fan and heavy user of quicksilver (the ultimate launcher and more for mac os x). Now, I generally keep skype contact list hidden to keep my desktop clean - and was thinking "Gee, it'd be great if skype was integrated with Quicksilver". But.. it's not... directly

However, I found this tip and can now initiate skype-to-skype calls directly from quicksilver:

skype + quicksilver

Here's what I did:

  1. In quicksilver's preferences - I enabled the "Services Menu Module" plug-in
  2. In Address Book, I added a 'custom' phone field with the label 'skype' where I can keep skype contact names (It would be really awesome if Skype did this for me...
  3. Now, I can do the following: invoke quicksilver, type a contact's name, hit '/', find their skype name (down arrow), hit tab, type 'sk' (to get the 'Skype/Call' action) and hit Enter. Skype will then make the call to that user.

Ok... so typing quicksilver commands doesn't *look* pretty... but it's one less thing I need to switch my right hand to the mouse for, and I like that. :-)

(I should probably post more tricks like this)