do you know where walkah is right now? chances are you probably don't that's 'cause late last week, Sandi and I decided to head back to my mom's place in rockport, MA. why? well, kinda just 'cause we can. we were without obligations for the week at home, and feeling like we hadn't quite gotten enough R&R. So we boarded mango (oh yeah, did i mention we have a puppy?) and hopped in the car on Sunday.

spontaneous? well, not so much i guess. we spent a couple days preparing and arranging. i think mostly it's a testament to how bad we've been at "just doing stuff" as a family, but this is as close as we've gotten in a lot of years - something we need to change.

the more interesting part is that - without my explicitly saying anything - none of my co-workers / clients / etc. have any way to tell. i'm still in the same time zone, and i have a reliable internet connection. add in my powerbook and cell phone - and my office location is really irrelevant.

the coolest part? this office has windows and is a 3 minute walk to the beach :)