still alive - off to OSCON

well... all around. spent the last two weeks on vacation with the family. we had a great time, and as most of you could probably tell - i was offline for almost all of it. while making my wife very happy, it apparently (judging from my inbox) left some folks wondering if i'd fallen off the face of the earth.

well, i didn't.

I'm currently sitting in YVR - on a telus hotspot... on my way to OSCON (principally to take part in the drupal related festivities . So - the good news is, I'll be online all week - with a chance to hang in person with the full bryght crew (including adrian - in from south africa!). if you're gonna attend OSCON - i'll see you there ;)

there's so many blog posts I *should* have written in the past month or so... but I'm gonna rise above. vacations are good.

there's the boarding call now... more from PDX!