stretching blogging APIs for all they're worth

for those of you that don't know, i'm "officially" the maintainer of the blogapi.module for drupal. therefore, i took it upon myself to look into an old request to support editing multiple node types via blogapi.module . i was not particularly fond of the original approach, as it tied folks to only submitting either "blog" nodes or "story" nodes. however, a very clever community member recently made a suggestion on how to make this feature possible using the currently available apis - the trick is to use the (formerly unused) "blogid" parameter to differentiate between node types. please feel free to try my patch, and i'll try to get it in for the next drupal release.

this patch, though, highlights my biggest frustration with the current state of the APIs: they are just not flexible enough. so many of the things in the current blogapi.module consist of compromises to make things work in a reasonably sensible manner in drupal.

so, as an author of the "software at the other end", consider me officially agreeing with brent (of Mars Edit) that we need to get together with the likes of Adriaan et. al and fix this thing.