strongBAD parenting

been a while since i've done a 'family' post... so much happens, that i need to either write a novel here or just gloss over it for the nuggets that might have mass-web appeal. so here's one:

when the Boris was in town last weekend, he got sucked into doing chalk drawings on the driveway (one of camryn's favourite pastimes). after running out of things - he ended up doing a drawing of trogdor, the burninator. (those of you who don't know strongbad are missing a seriously important part of the internet).

well, andrew thought "trodgor" was hilarious - and has been drawing an "S" followed by a "more different 'S'" ever since. here's his latest:

trogdor the burninator

the cutest part was definitely "dad, how do you spell 'burninator'?". for whatever reason, the drawings of ligers didn't catch on in the same way...

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