teeth, shrek and other tidbits

haven’t done a good family update for a while (trying to scare people off with all the geek talk), but here goes:

sometime last week (and i’m not even going to try to remember which day) andrew lost his 8th tooth (8th!!). he’s now sporting a nice gap all around his 4 adult teeth (2 top and 2 bottom). and, since andrew lost a tooth, camryn had to get a new one… she’s now (finally!) got all of her teeth.

since we had our first grey day of the spring, sandi and i left camryn with gramma for her nap and took andrew to see shrek 2. it was fantastic - i actually laughed out loud (which i also did nemo). it’s nice to see that dreamworks is doing their part to keep pixar on their toes :)

otherwise, andrew’s got a week left at school, soccer season has started, and everyone is doing just fine.