trying to flock

well, i had a fairly long post all about how nice I thought the latest version (0.4.9) of flock was. i’ve been quietly kind of harsh on the idea since keeping pace with the firefox codebase can’t be easy, and i already have tools and/or firefox extensions that accomplish large pieces of flocks “added value”. i also formed these opinions based on version 0.2.

fast forward a couple months (and a couple conferences) and low and behold, flock is starting to come together. to be honest, I’ve been quiet about my reservations because i happen to know and really respect a couple of flockers. so, i have faith that flock one day will totally rock. and given my current forced cross-platform-ness, the idea of a blogging app in my browser is much more appealing.

another really nice thing (from my point of view) is they’ve done an excellent job of ensuring that the popular (and as far as i’m concerned essential) firefox extensions all work with flock.

but i’ve still got a beef. like i said i had a long post. problem is, the blogging tool in flock isn’t quite there yet. it’s a minor bug - but one that makes posting from flock to drupal impossible. so, after a few minutes of debugging, i managed to at least come up with a bug report. looks like someone from blojsom noticed too.

anyway guys, keep up the good work… and if you ever have questions about ensuring harmony between drupal and flock - you know where to find me :)

OH - speaking of flock. so here’s an off the wall rumour that is based on absolutely no real information. but it’s no mistake that Y! (not google) is the default search engine for flock. factor in the out-of-the-box flickr integration, mix in constant rumours of the “google browser” and … well… are we looking at a future Y! acquisition? who knows perhaps throw in some lightning and integration and away you go.

then, once we become BrY!ght - we’ll all be co-workers.

er. i’ll stop now ;)