tsn is podcasting, are you?

so i just got what i might otherwise consider spam from TSN. however, this caught my eye: TSN has podcasts!

I’m gonna guess there aren’t too many big hockey fans who are also into the whole podcasting craze, but for little ol’ me, this is pretty cool. And if you are interested, I highly recommend checking out Pierre McGuire’s podcast - he’s one of my favourite hockey analysts.

Man, for a little craze, podcasting sure seems to me to have hit the mainstream full on. Apple really lucked out with the free branding … (in case you didn’t know apple did not coin the term podcasting). I’m sure there are people buying iPods ‘cause they think they need to just to listen to their podcasts. The TSN page on podcasting sure makes it seem like you at least need iTunes.

oh, and since I can’t help myself… did you know that drupal supports podcasting? ;)