using drupal's blogapi with MarsEdit

i have noticed some rumblings (like here) about people having trouble posting to drupal powered sites using MarsEdit. specifically, MarsEdit recognize drupal's category support. here's how to make it work:

  1. make sure you have Drupal 4.4 or later (preferably at least 4.5), and that blogapi.module is enabled and that your user account has 'edit own blog' permissions.
  2. add a new account in MarsEdit
  3. edit the settings on the account. MarsEdit's drupal setting doesn't currently enable all of the features that recent drupal versions support. change the "Software" setting to be "Movable Type".
  4. click "OK" and refresh the blog.

MarsEdit should now post as expected. feel free to leave a comment here if you're still having troubles.

(this post brought to you by MarsEdit 1.0b12)