Vancouver PHP Conference Wrapup

Yesterday marked the end of the Vancouver PHP conference, which was a lot of fun and went quite well (I thought). I led two sessions : one on OpenID (with Johnny Bufu from SXIP). For those who don't know, I've been working a lot lately on getting OpenID support into Drupal - and it was nice to demo some of that work. I also covered how to use JanRain's PHP Library to OpenID-enable your PHP app (check out the slides here).

I also led a session on beginning Drupal module development. Those of you who attended the DrupalCon in Brussels may remember this as the infamous pants talk - always a crowd pleaser ;)

Thanks a lot to the organizers and sponsors from Vancouver PHP, I had a great time. Oh, and a special thank to Shane from ActiveState - part of the speaker shwag package was a license to Komodo IDE. I've heard good things about the latest Komodo, can't wait to check it out.