walkah for hire

so, the first - and probably biggest - bit of news that i’ve neglected to post is that i am now officially self-employed. at the end of january (my god it’s over a month now!) i left my former job to start my own company and pursue my own projects. most people that i know (and thus are reading this post) already know this, and know my full reasons for doing so. however, there are two other things that make it worth posting here (even if rather late in the game): first, some free advertising ;) but second, is i intend to keep a more current log of what i’m up to, and this will no doubt be a huge part of that.

so if you’ve got an interesting project, drop me a line. if you’d just like to be supportive, check out my amazon wishlist and/or paypal links… or i guess you could leave a friendly comment :)