what did i do?

for the first time in quite sometime (perhaps ever) i actually bought a piece of "shareware" (or otherwise low-cost software). i think having my powerbook is really starting to do odd things to my brain. anyway, the story is that my beta release of ecto expired (since the final version was released). *however* i didn't buy ecto. instead, i decided to buy netnewswire instead. why? well, because i've become completely addicted to reading a bunch of RSS feeds in the morning (it's replaced my previous habit of slashdot reading) and the full version of netnewswire also has a built-in blog poster (plus more options for news reading). so, i decided if i'm gonna buy something, might as well buy one that does both.

i do like some features of ecto and would recommend it for those interested. however, now that i'm a paying customer, i'll see if i can get netnewswire to bolster it's blog poster.

to the author of netnewswire: congrats on some mighty fine work!