what? huh? new site?

ok... i've been really quiet again. but now i'm back and things have changed. i've redone my site as a drupal site. This means, amongst other things, that i have a decent way to maintain the site above and beyond my normal method. *hopefully* this will result in more frequent posts. but, more importantly, it means that i can take advantage of neat features that other people have written without re-writing them myself. as cool as it is to do that... i've got other things to do.

2 things that I haven't yet incorporated into drupal are:

  1. my pictures... drupal has an "image" module... but converting things is more of a hassle that i'm into right now... but all the pictures are still available in the same old place (linked above)
  2. my file downloads... since most of these are just symlinks to my actual config files, that's much easier for me to maintain outside of drupal. </ol>

    Long story short... come on in... heck sign up for an account... make comments... get involved. yay.