what's goin' on with the walkah clan

there haven't been many family updates here lately, so let me see if i can do a brief recap:

  • andrew is just recovering from bronchitis (and what the doctor figured was fifth disease) so he missed his last couple hockey games. which combined with the nhl lockout has left me a sadly depressed man.
  • camryn was sick too, but (thankfully) not as bad. not fun.
  • sandi, andrew and i saw the incredibles yesterday. my hat goes off to pixar - they've done it again.
  • chad is the newest family member to join the mac ghetto - he finally broke down and replaced his old dell laptop with a 12" powerbook. (i wonder who recommended that? ;) ). he is also leaving soon for paris (like france) for grad school. that sucks, but he's talking about keeping a blog - which would be interesting. (maybe he'll go nuts and start the wheels turning on sudden thoughts again too).
  • the holiday season is upon us. the annual christmas tree hunt is happening this weekend, and sandi did some wrapping last night. (yeah she's one of *those*).